The results have been collated from the County Youshape Event that took place over the weekend of 10th/11th February at Rough Close with an amazing 109 young people across all 5 sections taking part!

The activities included Jenga bests, graffiti floor, pizza review, snowballs, daisy chains and hand prints. With plenty of data to assess and hours taken to understand some of the hand writing we are proud to be able to share with you what our young people of Coventry enjoy, want more of and craving to do!

The weekend consisted of 5 main questions:

What is the best thing about Scouting?

What do you want to do more of?

If you could put one thing at Rough Close what would it be?

What do you want less of?

What things do you enjoy about Scouting?


All of the Young People’s work will be presented at the County AGM in July but for now here are the results!





109 Young People from across the County!

¨ 28% Beavers

¨ 28% Cubs

¨ 26% Scouts

¨ 6% Explorers

¨ 12% Network





All 5 sections said that Camping was the best thing that they have done in Scouting. Other bests included, Crate climbing, campfires, fort building, earning badges, treasure hunts and going abroad.








When we asked what the Young people what do they want more of it was interesting to see the amount of outdoors activities and adventurous activities. 


This gives us as leaders a great place to start with programme development and ideas!








With Rough Close being our County Campsite and being the Young People's Campsite. We wanted to know what things they wanted.Below is a wordle image in the shape of the campsite. The bigger the words the more times they were mentioned.


Many of the drawings from the graffiti were amazing and easy to understand some however were challenging and we have a few photos to show you the different awesome things the sections really enjoy about their time in Scouting. 



The weekend was a great success and all of the Young People really enjoyed themselves. From this data we are already have plans and ideas, driven directly from the young people themselves in the pipeline to improve our County Programme, Campsite and general Scouting in Coventry. 


County Youth Team




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