Disney Cub 2019

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Dates for participants are 29th May - 1st June 2019


This trip is open to ALL Cubs aged 8 - 10 and Leaders in Coventry Scout County.


We'll be going to Disneyland Paris, 


From the end of the Youshape event in February 2018, every section said they wanted to have a large out of Coventry event. With the Cub section wanting to go abroad. So here it is! We bring you Disney Cub 2019. Where we are taking Coventry Cubs to Euro Disney, It is a four day trip with two days traveling and two days of Magic! 

How Much?

The cost will be £350

Deposit of £100 to be paid by the end of October Half Term 2018. 

How to Book?

Find out all the information at our leaders meeting on the 3rd September at the 8th HQ just off the Radford road at 7pm 

Anything Else?

There is a leaders meeting for all leaders who are interested in bringing their Cubs on what is going to be an Epic trip. This is on the 3rd of September at 19:00 at the 8th Scout HQ just off the Radford Road by the Gala Bingo. 


Is there a selection process for this camp like there was with the Jamboree?


My leaders aren’t going but I want to go, can I still go?
Sadly not, Leaders will need to cover the ratio of their group, there will be more information about this at the meeting.

Will I have to learn French beforehand?
No, but why not try to? It might come in handy!

Will there be fundraising to help cover the costs?
No, it is a self funded trip, if groups wish to fundraise that it up to you.

What kit/equipment will I need for the camp?
We will be giving out a full kit list once we have received all bookings. 

Will we need pocket money? 

There will be opportunities to buy souvenirs and sweets etc. but we can’t say at this time how much we would recommend you bring.

I have special dietary requirements, will these be met? Yes. Our catering team will contact you if you declare on your booking form that you have dietary requirements.

Will I need to have insurance?

All participants will be insured under The Scout Association insurance.

What about Brexit? Will we be needing Visas?
We will be keeping an eye on this, as it stands now we believe that the UK will be in the transition period when we go to France and that we shouldn’t need Visas. 


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